PLainJaneJon will be performing with the Louisville Ballet for their outreach program, “Plain Jane.” Choreography by Lucas Jervies and Music by Tristen Parr.

The programs take place in the JCPS system during the weeks of October 26-30, 2015; March 7-11, 2016; and April 11-15, 2015; and a few other select dates in March in Eastern Kentucky Schools with shows daily in the morning and afternoon. A number of events have been added for some schools in Eastern Kentucky on March 14, 31; and April 1.

King – Joseph Cianculli, Alex Kingma
Jane – Adrienne Bot, Jessica Cob, Lacey Elliston, Shelby Shenkman
Cellist – Jon Silpayamanant

Funded by the Fund for the Arts:
Louisville Ballet:
Choreographer, Lucas Jervies:
“Plain Jane”:
Composer, Tristen Parr: