Please Join Sulh Ensemble in the first concert of our 2019-2020 Season as we share music from the Middle East and Asia Minor with you. We’ll be performing works by composers from Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and other countries and regions.

Works by:
Khosrovidukht Goghtnatsi (fl. 8th Century)
Reftar Kalfa (1648-1687)
Tanbûrî Dilhayât Kalfa (1710–1780)
Leyla Saz (1850–1936)
Faize Hanım (Ergin) (1894-1954)
Mohamed Abdel Wahab (1901-1991)
Farid El Atrache (1910-1974)
Baligh Hamdi (1931-1993)
Bijan Mortazavi (b. 1957)
and more…

Ogle Center (on IUS campus)
Millicent and Norman Stiefler Recital Hall
November 17, 2019
Sunday, 3:00-4:30pm

Free and all-ages appropriate

Sulh Ensemble is:

Zoe Blackwell – flute
Megan McIntosh – saz, oud
Denise Collins-Martinez – oud
Jon Silpayamanant – kamanche, cello, dumbek, daf, doira
Isabella Christensen – violin
Jamie Colvin – violin
Sheronda Shorter – viola
Chelsea Getty – cello
Roxell Karr – dumbek, daf
Helen Holifield – riqq, daf
Markos Miller – darbuka, naqqareh

Musical arrangements/adaptations/transcriptions by Jon Silpayamanant – cellist, composer, multi-instrumentalist