Jon has contributed two short guides for the Asian Americans on Celluloid project. The two guides are for Bontoc Eulogy by Filipino American filmaker, Marlon E. Fuentes (co-directed by Bridget Yearian) and Manzanar by Japanese American filmaker, Robert A. Nakamura.

“Created in late 2020, this site is designed for students (high school and college) and lifelong learners who are interested in Asian American cinema and Asian American histories and cultures. Entries with the green camera are linked to introductory essays about specific eras in Asian American American film making. Entries with the purple film icon are linked to viewing guides. All films selected for this website are available on popular streaming sites (either through subscription or rental for under $5). On the left, you will find photos about Asian Americans in the film industry from the 1910s to the 1980s. Each is linked to a relevant essay.

Created by Irene Chien and Eric Hung with Suzi Birnbaum, Lauren Eng, Mea Lang Lee, Runchao Liu, Faye Ma, Jon Silpayamanant”