World of Classical

3 episodes airing Sundays July 10, 17, 24!

Presenter: Jon Silpayamanant

Producer: Chris Elcombe

Executive Producer: Peter Meanwell

Recorded at DSL Studios

Excerpt from the initial pitch to BBC Radio 3

“How much richer would our musical understanding be if we could connect the dots between different classical music traditions around the world? How can what we know about Western classical music be situated as part of a global cultural history? Presented by Thai-American classical cellist and transcultural researcher Jon Silpayamanant, this three part series makes connections across time between different classical musical traditions around the globe. Rather than situate non-Western musics as “World Music” this series asks what we learn if we look for connections and resonances between the world’s great classical traditions. If Bach and Debussy sit alongside a timeline of Arabic maqam and West African griot traditions, Chinese classical guqin, South Indian Vedic singing and Japanese court gagaku do we learn more about the music we know and love and how they were influenced by shifting global culture and politics?”

Presenter Jon Silpayamanant is a classical cellist by trade, and is an enthusiastic educator, researcher and interdisciplinary collaborator. Featured in a recent Sunday Feature, “Classical Commonwealth”, he has a unique cross-cultural vantage point to see and communicate the world of classical musics through the language of the Western Art music lover.” Episodes can be found at the following link and yes, this can be streamed as well!