Please join Camera Lucida at Surface Noise in a multimedia performance and reading of Kurt Schwitters’ epic phonetic poem “Ursonate.”

Surface Noise
600 Baxter Avenue
Saturday, 7PM
July 16, 2022

Dada artist, Kurt Schwitters, was inspired to write his “Ursonate” after hearing Raoul Hausmann perform his phonetic poem “f m s b w t ö z ä u” in 1919. Schwitters spent ten years (1922-1932) composing, performing, and revising the Ursonate and structured it like a classical sonata or symphony in four movements: Erster Teil, Largo, Scherzo and Presto.

The score will be projected during the performance and will incorporate interactive video and animations.

Camera Lucida is an artistic collaboration incorporating live interactive video and music, and sound. Often working with dancers, movement artists, and sound artists, Camera Lucida is constantly looking for new ways to collaborate with artists through technology, video, and sound.

Roxell Karr – video, design, music
Jon Silpayamanant – music, design, video

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