This October 11, Jon is giving a talk at Manhattan School of Music’s “Setting the Stage” workshop series titled “Global Perspectives on Classical Music: A View from Asia”

“Jon Silpayamanant is a cellist, composer, and intercultural music researcher looking at music ecosystems from a global standpoint. Much of Jon’s research has focused on Western Colonialism in Asia and the Indian Ocean and Trans-Pacific slave trades have shaped models of forced musical labor throughout the diverse continent.

“By using specific repertoire types such as for the solo piano, within this framing of colonial history, it can make it easier to frame questions about hybrid music genres and how the history of colonialism and the slave trade brought many different ethnic groups, including European and North American, and their musics into close contact.

“The diversity and wealth of classical music repertoire is considerably expanded once we understand that it has been created and composed globally for several centuries. This may also open up questions of the Canon and who counts as a composer of genius when composers and repertoire from a region with three fifths of the world’s population aren’t even considered a part of a Eurocentric classical music history.”

The talk is presented in part by Dr. Lisa Yui’s class Piano Music by Composers from Asia (PN 1800) and open to non MSM folks.

Info about the Workshop series is here:…/the-center…/setting-the-stage/

Direct link to event and registration here:…/tJYvdeGopzwuHdbAdyvJTQ_0Qwaana…