What a fabulous week I had in residency with the Manchester Symphony Orchestra! 14 presentations/performances at several High Schools and Middle Schools (in Warsaw, Valparaiso, and North Miami), Manchester University, and for the Donors/Board of the MSO. Three world premieres of my music (2 by the MSO and 1 on my Friday recital).

I should mention that this is AAPI/AANHPI Heritage Month and was one of the reasons I picked this date range for my residency. Most of you know I prefer to play diverse and inclusive rep all the time* rather than on the designated and official times. But it’s been wonderful to talk about my Thai American experience, Thai musical heritage/instruments to so many folks this past week, and to have my music and the music of three other Asian/American Women Composers performed by the MSO and on the Friday night recital.

Thanks to Debra Lynn and Pamela Haynes for being such wonderful hosts and sharing the history of that part of northern Indiana with me; the MSO musicians and board members for performing and supporting this MSO Artist Residency; all the students and their teachers at the schools I visited; and all the other wonderful people I met, and to Elizabeth Mikautadze and the Mikautadze Dance Theatre for sharing your beautiful dance to Debra’s ‘Kandinsky Suite!’ Thanks to Derek Reeves for hanging with me in Fort Wayne Saturday night, and to my wonderful wife and my awesome mae for making the long drive up to see Sunday’s concert–I’m glad you were able to hear the orchestra live on Mother’s Day!

*I think is slightly ironic that the recital, which included 2/3rds A/Am rep is still a smaller percentage than I often program for, say, Saw Peep – An Intercultural Orchestra events! Hah!

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