Èr Quán Yìng Yuè

Èr Quán Yìng Yuè <<二泉映月>>

January 6, 2018 Arrangement Cello Èrhú Flute Oud 0

2018 arrangement of Huà Yànjūn‘s <<華彥鈞>>,  Èr Quán Yìng Yuè <<二泉映月>>, adapted from an arrangement by Wang Zujie.

January 2018




èrhú, flute (dízi), oud (pípá), cello, percussion






Èr Quán Yìng Yuè is a standard repertoire piece for the Chinese èrhú (two-string fiddle) and was composed by Huà Yànjūn, also known as Ābǐng <<阿炳>> (“Blind Musician”). I’ve been playing the èrhú intermittently since 2009 and have composed pieces for, and improvised on, the instrument since then. While I’ve performed a number of Chinese compositions and compositions by Chinese composers, this tune will be the first time I’ve had a chance to perform live a more traditional Chinese tune on the instrument it was originally intended.