September 23, 2021

Jon Silpayamanant – cellist, composer, multi-instrumentalist

โจนาทาน ศิลปยามานันท์ – นักเล่นเชลโลคีตกวีเครื่องดนตรีหลายชนิด

Studio Recital Photos

Some photos from Jon’s cello students have been posted at his Facebook Page here. Jon arranged a two cello and percussion version of Misirlou and Tamr Henna for his students. He performed on Def and Dumbek during the recital.



Recital for my cello students at the Ogle Center recital hall.


Rockin’ Strings – John Higgins

William Tell Overture – Giochino Rossini/arr. by John Higgins

Vocalise – Sergei Rachmaninoff

Misirlou – Greek traditional/arr. for 2 cellos by Jon Silpayamanant

Gavotte I and II (from D Major Suite) – J.S. Bach

Tamr Henna – Mohammed Fawzii/arr. 2 cellos by Jon Silpayamanant