A few weeks ago Jon was interviewed for BBC World Service featuring the organ. It’s a program “Heart and Soul, An Instrument Speaking to the Infinite” and will be airing this Friday at 00:32 GMT (08:32 EST). I mainly talked about the organ and organ-like instruments in a global context–does that surprise anyone? 😃

It’s a short program (27 minutes) and I don’t know how much of my interview will be included, but the program is hosted by the awesome virtuoso Latvian organist, Iveta Apkalna.

Listen to it at the link below (also will be available for streaming afterwards).

“The organ has always been a vehicle for truly cosmic ideas – for atheists and believers alike. Acclaimed Latvian organist Iveta Apkalna explodes the idea that the instrument is simply a vehicle for Christian worship: digging deeper into how the organ conveys ideas of the infinite and the microscopic, the existential and the personal…of celebration, grief and joy.”