#FilmShortFridays is a series of Jon’s experimental video, film, and shadow puppet theater Nang Thotlong New Albany – หนังทดลอง นิว อัลบานี!

Naak (นาค) are the legendary serpents and gods of the water in Thai-Lao belief. In the episode of the Ramakien ‘Causeway to Lanka,’ one of the sea creatures led by Suvann Machaa that Hanuman battles is a a big serpent.

The score is an excerpt from Jon Silpayamanant’s shadow puppet opera, “Hanuman Catches Suvannamaccha” (หนุมานจับนางสุพรรณมัจฉา), which will premiere in April 2024.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1481366855767531