The final scenes of the sole surviving Italian Futurist Film, Thaïs (1917), by Anton Giulio Bragaglia (1890-1960). The title “L’Expiation Volontaire […] Thaïs meurt” refers to the two intertitle cards from the range of scenes leading from Thaïs’ voluntary atonement to her death scene.

The soundtrack is from Jon Silpayamanant’s “Enharmonic Bow Study No. 1” using three enharmonic bows based on Italian Futurist (and cellist) Luigi Russolo’s (1885-1947) designs. Russolo’s enharmonic bow and noise intoners were envisioned by him to be the new wave of musical instruments for accompanying film!

“Live audio from a Camera Lucida performance using three Enharmonic Bows I’ve recreated and explored with composer, Jacob Gotlib. This was at the OPEN Gallery (October 20, 2016). This was totally acoustic though the last few seconds segues into a tabletop cello piece with some effects (last 5 seconds of the audio).

The track image is a photo of my three Enharmonic Bows.

Luigi Russolo first invented the Enharmonic Bow in the 1920s. The first public concert with the bow was at the Teatro del Popolo in Milan (December 27, 1925). I recreated my first Enharmonic Bow in the mid 90s.”

released October 23, 2016…/enharmonic-bow-study…

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Thais A G Bragaglia 1917