#FilmShortFridays YT link: https://youtu.be/U_eMZzw4Mg4

From 1921-1927 Oskar Fischinger experimented with melted wax and animation and created his “Wachsexperimente” film in 1927. The process, as explained by his widow, Elfriede:

“[Elfriede Fischinger] explained to me that Oskar would fill a bathtub with paraffin and swirl oil colors into the hot wax and let them solidify. Then he would place the solid block of wax on a table where he had built a machine that would thinly slice an end, like slicing baloney, and then a camera he had mounted at the end would shoot one frame of the swirls; then repeat this a few thousand times, and when played back at 24 frames it moved in pleasing patterns.”John J. Hunt (https://youtu.be/tzYBbj_pMEE)

The film is accompanied by an excerpt of “Construction No. 4” by Noiseman433 (Jon Silpayamanant), track 4 of the “In Memoriam John Cage” album which was released in 2003 on Danish label “Legion Sudan” (LS.433).

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