#FilmShortFridays is a series of Jon’s experimental video, film, and shadow puppet theater Nang Thotlong New Albany – หนังทดลอง นิว อัลบานี!

Anémic Cinéma is a Dada/surrealist experimental film by Marcel Duchamp (aka Rrose Sélavy) from 1926 and made in collaboration with Man Ray and Marc Allégret. Composed of spinning Rotoreliefs, some with alliterations and puns in French, that he painted and constructed himself out of painted cardboard then played on a turntable.

The soundtrack is a remix of Noiseman433’s (Jon Silpayamanant) “Noise Event No. 24” from the album “Mondo Demo” (1998). 

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/231573055958868

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